Integration Works!

These uncertain times, where many are woefully out of balance or lack trust, call for a serious push towards integration. Last year was certainly chockfull of events and trials that shook many to the core. We were boldly reminded that no matter how hard we try to maintain balance, life is stirringly unpredictable. Managing to break free from the cyclical news and negative discourse, I chose to integrate.

Experiences, both enjoyable and exasperating, present themselves in our lives in order to teach and help us grow. At times these manifestations can feel more like chaos and destruction rather than helpful life lessons. So, how do individuals lead boldly content lives when they know that future experiences may likely jolt them into a muddled state of being? People who unwrap themselves from layers of childhood encumbrances and biased fabrications as they tap into their own inner guidance have an easier way in handling with whatever occurs outside of them.

Integrating a personal understanding with external happenings helps to eliminate obstructions and begins a practice of authenticity and ease. This route of self-improvement requires a level of development that comes from reaching deep within in order to access one’s best attributes. It doesn’t have to been in the form of a bold new beginning or unattainable list of resolutions. A simple awareness and activation of deliberate, feel-good shifts that represent an inner knowingness and graciousness to what exists leads the way to true freedom.

In my parenting work I speak of six principles that help children succeed. They are based on the premise of individuals needing to first be rooted in their best selves in order to feel supported enough to thrive no matter the circumstances. The same ideology rings true for adults. As we mature, our roots are our responsibilities, and our wings are our privileges. An individual who is anchored in a rock solid foundation is able to grasp opportunities and succeed at their own pace. More importantly, they are not rocked to the core by the tides of the collective. This is where the deeper you go the higher you reach takes effect.

Individuals who cling onto an intense desire to continually create a “balanced” life actually promote instability. It’s not about standing upright without wavering, but rather assimilating conditions and personal hopes within every opportunity to your benefit. Rooting is the foundation of personal progress and necessary for those who strive to reach genuine fulfillment. A state of centeredness and clarity is the way in which folks are able to make better decisions and steadily manifest their potential. When one engages in a personal investment for change, that individual inspires creativity, opportunities, and positive circumstances. This construction of consciousness provides individuals with the greatest propensity for personal growth.

Success happens when individuals unwrap themselves, integrate their true selves into everyday experiences, and remain in alignment with that which is their essence. Regardless of what the media presents, external systems, material possessions, and political leaders do not have the power to fix individual lives. Tragic events, negative people, or political dramas are not able to uproot you once this foundation is established. Life success doesn’t happen from top–down but, rather within each person’s own life. Engagement in a personal practice of healing unconstructive patterns along with an introduction of fresh, unencumbered, limitless confidence, even when the external world seems chaotic, makes all the difference when living in true integration. Constructing a personal mindset and life that is formed with substance and love will not break you no matter the circumstances. In essence, integration and engagement evoke genuine happiness and stability.

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