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    WING IT: 6 Simple Steps to Succeed as a Modern Day Parent

    We live in complex times where parents and children are busier than ever. How can families succeed in today's world? The ‘Wing It’ formula provides a new philosophy that allows modern day individuals to create their best approaches in order to thrive in parenthood and life.

    Readers will discover how to go from overwhelmed to empowered in just this one book. They will learn how to:

    - Release limitations and strenuous practices
    - Organically eliminate struggles
    - Create a foundational approach to parenting
    - Build better relationships with children
    - Make family life easier and happier

    $21.95 USD

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    Get Involved

    Opportunity changes everything. For the over 60 million school-aged children worldwide who are not in school due to poverty, conflicts, or discrimination we offer this inspired action. All children deserve the chance to play, learn, and discover their potential.

  • WIP Mission-Founder


    The Wing It™ Project is an innovative non-profit that provides empowering experiences for children of all abilities that have long-lasting impact on their futures. The mission grew out of a single core belief; offer children an opportunity to help them recognize the strength and beauty that exists within and you lead them to feel empowered and build upon their self-worth. We believe that this work has never been more necessary than it is with today's generation of children.

    We provide hands-on experiences for children to create fabric wings-to-wear, helping them be of service to others and recognize their roles dynamic global citizens. It is our hope that each pair of wings brings a sense of comfort, freedom, and belief to children, allowing them to see their potential and ‘soar.’

    The Wing It™ Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is 100% dedicated to empowering and educating children in the USA and abroad. Donations are tax deductible and will be carefully applied to educational opportunities and programs we support.

    Why invest in the Wing It Project? By investing in children you are investing in the future of our world.


    Host a Wing It™ event in your home, school, organization, or community. Wing It™ events are fun and encourage social consciousness at every age. Individuals get to design their very own fabric wings-to-wear. Wing It™ events inspire creativity and provide guests with extraordinary keepsakes. Consider this meaningful experience for your child’s birthday party or next community event.


    Wings can also be made from celebrity donated clothing which, when designed and assembled by us, can be auctioned off for charity. Celebrity wings allow individuals to partner with the Wing It™ Project and also give back to a charity of their choice. Contact us for all the details of the ‘Wings for Charity’ opportunity.


    We welcome partnerships from individuals, organizations, and corporations who also believe in the importance of education for all children. The Wing It™ Project collaborates with other organizations in order to provide a creative opportunity that boosts everyone’s efforts. If you would like to collaborate with or sponsor the Wing It™ Project, please email anastasia@wingitproject.org

    WIP Mission-Founder
  • WIP Mission-Founder

    SUPPORT the Wing It™ Project

    Contributions to the WingIt™ Project help support educational programs, both locally and globally, for children in need. We are so grateful for your consideration and generosity. Monetary donations to the Wing It™ Project can be processed through our secure payment option.

    Fabric - Sustainability is a large component of the Wing It™ Project. We can use all types of lightweight fabrics. Consider collecting fabrics from local stores or hosting a fabric drive. Fabric donations can be mailed to the address below.

    Money - Contributions to the Wing It™ Project help support educational programs, both locally and globally, for children in need. Monetary donations to the Wing It™ Project can be processed through our secure payment option or mailed to the address below. Mailing Address: Wing It Project PO Box 1821 Bridgehampton, NY 11932


    Fabric wings-to-wear make for special memories and wonderful keepsakes for all children. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to benefit the Wing It Project, making a difference in the lives of children around the world.

    WIP Mission-Founder
  • WIP Mission-Founder



    In 2013 Anastasia founded the Wing It™ Project, an action-based movement in hopes of bringing awareness to the vast disparities of educational opportunities for children throughout the world. The Wing It™ Project was born out of her mission to provide all children ‘roots and wings’ necessary to reach their potential. Anastasia's humanitarian work as well as her parent-teaching experiences have impacted the lives of children locally and globally and propelled her as a global speaker on the topics of empowerment, family life, education, balance, and leadership.

  • WIP Mission-Founder