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    Empowered living is about gaining clarity and exceeding expectations of what’s echoed by the collective. I believe anyone can reach the happiness they desire when rooted in their best selves.

    -Anastasia Gavalas

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    Individuals these days are busier than ever and Anastasia recognizes that as the world changes, so must approaches toward reaching a balanced lifestyle.
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  • Educational Training

    Success begins in classrooms and schools where there is trust, respect, collaboration, and appreciation for diversity. Anastasia helps school communities reach their fullest potential.
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  • Corporate Consulting

    Anastasia works with the hippest clients from around the world who have a fierce desire to develop work-life balance structures and positive, productive, trusting relationships among their teams.
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Anastasia is a giver of solutions, teaches us to fish and gives us a fish at the same time. She inspires to make you think about your answer, your plan and your solution.

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    Wing It Works

    Anastasia Gavalas is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, Huffington Post blogger, and humanitarian who specializes in helping empower women and children. With over two decades of real life experience her proven success is based on balance and results. Her signature Wing It™ philosophy helps modern day individuals build strong foundations, rebalance priorities, and launch independent lives.

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