Wing It Project
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“Life with children made easier”
“Soulful solutions for real families”
“Launching parents and children to success”
Ready to make the hardest job on earth easier?
Anastasia Gavalas, MS, SDA teaches parents how to create fulfilling life experiences and be successful in raising today's generation. Life with children is made less complicated and easier with her innovative ideas and a straightforward style. She understands that in today's world families have a lot going on and finding the best approach isn't in a one-size-fits-all solution. As an experienced educator, author, and mother of five her proven strategies allow parents to spark new perspectives, overcome challenges, clarify strengths, and launch inspiring action for themselves and their children. Anastasia helps parents end the overload and discover life and parenting ideas that work.

Six Simple Steps to Succeed as a Modern Day Parent

We live in complex times where parents and children are busier than ever. How can families succeed in today's world? The “Wing It” way provides new perspectives and soulful solutions for modern day parents to thrive in parenthood. READ MORE

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As a parenting expert, Anastasia has one purpose – to help individuals love their life with children so modern families thrive. She encourages parents to discover their potential by teaching them how to:

  • Trust their intuition
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Build better relationships
  • Offer insight and inspiration
  • Launch independent children