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    Individuals these days are busier than ever and Anastasia recognizes that as the world changes, so must approaches toward reaching a balanced lifestyle. In response, she has developed powerful principles that help make the hardest job on earth easier. Through her coaching she shares her signature Wing It™ formula that includes designing authentic connections and individualized approaches. Sessions include thorough evaluations and in-depth conversations in order to help clients custom design systems and timely solutions to their specific challenges.

    One-on-One Sessions
    Anastasia offers one-on-one coaching services. She transforms struggles and issues in an insightful way with her Wing It™ formula that secures foundational roots and contemporary ideals, making life easier and happier. Individuals learn how to be responsive, not reactive, to life challenges with soulful solutions and authentic approaches customized specifically for them. Anastasia’s style drives the complexity out of navigating life and invokes new perspectives and actions essential in helping parents and women go from good to great.

    Group Gatherings 
    Intimate group sessions are designed to offer participants new perspectives on how to best succeed as individuals. Anastasia understands the challenges and triumphs of raising children in today's complex world. Her thoughtful, easy, and honest leadership style encourages real conversations and inspires new approaches and solutions to emerge. Anastasia helps dismantle out-of-date practices, promotes reflective thinking, and rebalance family life so that individuals are able to reach enduring success on their own terms

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    Success begins in classrooms and schools where there is trust, respect, collaboration, and appreciation for diversity. Anastasia’s hands-on training develops global consciousness, social-emotional awareness, leadership skills, and proactive methods that help schools reach their full potential. She teaches entire school communities how to build meaningful connections through organizational assessments, designing new initiatives and collaborations for long-term systemic change. Anastasia offers the following programs:

    Leadership Through The Eyes Of Children
    This specialized program is designed to be a supplemental course or a stand-alone leadership curriculum for students in grades Pre-K-12. It allows participants to develop self-awareness, leadership skills, and recognition of their innate responsibility of how to be productive global citizens in today’s world. This leadership program can be tailored to both school goals and state requirements.

    R.E.A.C.H., Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage
    This training program provides participants an opportunity to understand and value multicultural awareness. Workshops include hands-on activities that explore basic principles centered on understanding diversity and multiple perspectives. Training includes school-wide presentations and small group teaching to assist in creating cross-cultural awareness and more inclusive school communities.

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    Anastasia works with the hippest clients from around the world who have a fierce desire to develop work-life balance structures and positive, productive, trusting relationships among their teams. By blending her experience and insight she helps businesses, corporations, non-profits, and entrepreneurs optimize their efforts with progressive ideas and conscious designs that enhance the culture and mission of their organizations.

  • Executive Coaching

    Anastasia’s expertise as a coach and strategist allows her to respond organically to the progression of a workplace. Her goal with all consulting clients is to cultivate real insight, develop their stories, build relationships, establish flexible expectations, and start change. She helps individuals adapt to the challenges of an ever-evolving global world by providing in-depth evaluations, customized organization, and progressive initiatives that influence positive outcomes and make a big impact
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  • Women Empowerment Workshops

    These transformational workshops respond to the ever-growing influence of women in business, as entrepreneurs, philanthropists, creatives, and at-home managing family life. Anastasia helps women develop the courage to create actionable career and life visions that are self-reflective and dynamic. She teaches fundamental skills and essential strategies that empower women from all around the globe and help them invest in themselves, enhance work-life balance, build healthy cultures, and form highly collaborative relationships so they can thrive.
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  • Diversity Training and Consulting

    Our global world establishes the need for companies and organizations to value diverse perspectives and courageously create inclusive environments. As a leader in multicultural education, Anastasia has her finger on the pulse of today’s ever-shifting culture and, provides workshops and forums that engender new patterns of beliefs, contemporary initiatives, and bold new cultural paradigms. She understands the connectivity of ideas and people and, presents an inside-out approach in training individuals and teams. Anastasia’s diversity work includes unconscious bias training, designing cohesive infrastructures, and creative partnerships.
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